Why You Should Join a Parkrun

Adam Luanghot July 09, 2020
Why You Should Join a Parkrun

Lace up your runners, call up your friends, and jog on down to your local park for a free, easy and safe workout for everyone.

Introducing the Parkrun. As the name suggests, a Parkrun is simply a number of meetups at local parks for the purpose of running 5km at your own pace, surrounded by supportive new and old friends.

Love to socialise? Want to get your jog on and up your fitness game? Make a date with a Parkrun. We’ll tell you why it’s all you’ve ever needed to live a more healthy lifestyle, and soon enough, you’ll be running around your local park at pace.

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What does a Parkrun involve?

All over the country, from walkers to Olympians, the local park has become a health and fitness hub. Forget your gym membership and get outdoors as the weather warms up.

You don’t have to go at it alone either; if the prospect of running around a park nearby scares you, a Parkrun meetup will help to propel you into a fitness routine at your own pace. Community-based and packed with family fun, the Parkrun revolution has gained serious momentum over the past 7 years in Australia.

Benefits of Group Exercise

Stuffy gym with coordinated workouts not your thing? There’s another way to discover the incredible benefits of working out with others and here’s what you can expect from signing up to a Parkrun:

1. Socialising

When you’re sweating it out, having a good ol’ chat can help ease the pain and motivate you to work harder and keep up with your buddies.

2. Accountability

Make fitness a priority in your life by teaming up with a friend. You won’t miss a Parkrun when you’ve made a promise to someone else, not just yourself.

3. Consistency

Many Parkruns are held at the same time, at the same place every week, so if it’s close to home and just after work, you won’t feel compelled to make excuses.

4. Convenient

All you have to do is turn up, especially when it’s for a run. No fancy equipment, no awkward outfit, just you, your runners and the pavement.

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Free Exercise for Families

Parkrun is a concept founded on running is for everyone, even the kids and your furry friends. Plus, it’s free! A 5km walk, jog or run is manageable for the whole family and it’s a great way to bond after a long day at work or as a family activity on the weekend.

When it’s free, it’s just that much sweeter; all Parkrun helpers are volunteers so you know they love what they do and they want to make it the best experience for all.

Running for Mental Health and Weight Loss

The verdict is in: running is good for your mental health. In fact, it’s more than good -- it can be transformative in clearing your mind. As a proven effective alternative to antidepressants, running or a brisk walk combined with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is often the first step for those suffering with a mental illness.

Looking to shed a few extra kilos before summer hits? Joining a Parkrun may be the exact solution to boost your health and tone up your bod. Running burns more than 90% more calories than walking, according to Runner’s World, and that’s mostly due to your resting energy expenditure staying elevated after a touch of high-intensity exercise, which you just don’t get after a stroll.

Socialise & Exercise For Free!

How to Join a Parkrun

Good news, it’s incredibly simple to sign up for a Parkrun! And if there’s not one in your area, you can even sign up to start your own and recruit locals to help run your events. Search for your location via the Parkrun event page and get your jog on!

Almost every Saturday you can catch a Parkrun event; check out the running calendar and make sure you register prior to the event.

So whether you’re a solo runner, walking with your fam, or just want to meet a new crowd, a Parkrun is an excellent alternative to sitting on the couch as it’ll get your heart rate up and release those amazing endorphins. You won’t be able to stop once you get that illustrious Runner’s High!

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