12 healthy living accounts to follow on Instagram

Chris Gill July 09, 2020
12 healthy living accounts to follow on Instagram

Last updated: Friday 1st February 2019

For fitness lovers or the occasional foodie, Instagram is increasingly becoming a go-to source for all things healthy living. Get on board and refresh your Instagram feed with accounts dedicated to meal planning, creative workouts, and simple living.

Whatever your health and wellness goals may be, you can rely on Instagram to provide the healthy living inspiration.

So open up your Instagram app and be inspired by your new Insta best friends.


Jessica Sepel otherwise known as JSHealth inspires around 225,000 people daily on Instagram through her unique perspective on health and wellness. Known for her 8-week online program, Jessica teaches how she faced her complicated relationship with food and transformed her lifestyle for the better. Read our interview with Jessica Sepel.

Flashback to my shoot with @womenshealthaus styled by @ledaross_stylist ☺️🙏💫💜

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The younger sister to fitness guru Kayla Itsines, Leah Itsines has built an empire in her own right. Leah is a personal trainer based in Adelaide, Australia, and uses her Instagram account to share her love of good food, her family, and health-related memes that will leave a lasting impression.


Who doesn’t love a good green smoothie? Kyle is a 25-year-old raw vegan, social media influencer and health coach. He posts daily foodie inspiration, his latest health food hauls, and only the best smoothie recipes. Chocolate peanut butter milkshake for breakfast, anyone? If you’re a raw vegan sceptic, follow Raw Kyle, and let him prove you wrong and take you into his delicious, healthy lifestyle choices.

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know I’ve been open about my struggles with anxiety. I also get overly stressed and struggle sleeping. ⁣ ✨⁣ But I also like to live a natural lifestyle and try my best not to turn to medications. I’m really loving using @BalanceGenics Ashwaganda supplements because it’s organic, (which is huge for me) vegan, and it’s also inexpensive. I’m a really big fan of medicinal herbs like Ashwagandha for so many reasons and I def recommend giving this a try if you want to go the natural route. ⁣ ✨⁣ Between that, an active lifestyle, and a healthy diet…it really seems to help keep my symptoms under control. Go to to grab yours and use code “RAWKYLE2” during checkout for 20% off their already low price. Direct link in my profile. #ad

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Lola Berry is a happy-go-lucky Australian nutritionist, author and yoga teacher. She’s regularly sharing her adventures between Sydney and Melbourne, and her fave health food and yoga spots along the way. Her passion for whole foods and living your best life is raw, real and achievable. Lola shows what living a healthy, balanced life looks like, always with a smile on her face and a smoothie in hand.


Natasha Kadimi boasts over 90,000 followers on her Organic and Happy Instagram for a reason. Packed with mouth-watering images of dairy-free meals that look as healthy as they do delicious, tap the 'Follow' button to be inspired. One of our new favourite healthy living Instagrammers, you won't be able to stop scrolling. Brekkie, lunch and dinner just got interesting!

Got to have @birdiejuicery with my favorite @emmaaaabo 💕

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Ellie Bullen is another plant-based Instagrammer. She is the ultimate inspiration for lovers of amazing, healthy food and travel. One minute she's in Bora Bora, the next Byron Bay. Tomorrow, she could be anywhere! Love to see the world too? Check out our post on how to pack light and smart when travelling.


Turmeric coffee? Yes, please! This account, owned by holistic nutritionist Jordan Pie, is all you ever need for real food and gut health inspiration. Without a doubt, one of the most creative recipe inventors out there; making real, good-for-your-tummy foods. Nourish your gut and your soul, and give @jordiepieface a follow you can always expect authenticity in her posts.


Bright, happy smoothie bowls and healthy desserts are exactly what Samara LeMerle is dishing out daily to her following of 120,000. Her feed is consistent and offers the ultimate inspiration for those with a sweet tooth (but still want to avoid dairy). Donuts, banana bread and brownies. And yes, they’re all good for you!


This account is the replica of its magazine, Women’s Health Australia. They’re all about providing you with the best and latest on women’s nutrition, and health and fitness inspiration. You can follow along with other fit girls via the #WHfitspo hashtag, or be inspired by their regular (and awesome) #WomenInSport content.


Beck is loved by her Instagram following of 203,000 for her honest health journey. She’s not afraid to provide an insight into her life; from her wedding to her food and skincare woes to her best healthy eating tips. Follow her and you, too, will find a soft spot for her lifestyle and her gorgeous black labrador.


Not your average California girl, Shannon is your new favourite resource for exercise, science and healthy eating alternatives. Reap all the benefits from your workout, and learn how to correct your form when deadlifting and planking as you scroll through your Instagram feed. She balances the beam between form-correcting workout posts and her day-on-a-plate collages.

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