Bamboo underwear:
Why it’s the better choice

Bamboo underwear women's

Bamboo underwear. Ever considered trying a pair? If you haven’t – it’s time you did. Ultra comfy, antibacterial and moisture-wicking, bamboo underwear ticks all the right boxes.

And that’s just the beginning.

Bamboo undies are not only the better choice for your health, but also for the health of the planet. This is down to both bamboo’s naturally-occurring properties as a fabric and highly sustainable cultivation practises.

Read on to find out why bamboo undies are the better choice for your top drawer.

What is bamboo underwear?

Bamboo underwear men's

What comes to mind when you think of bamboo underwear? Because of the plant’s woody feel, it’s probably not a soft and comfy pair of undies. Well, we’re here to prove otherwise.

Thanks to advancements in textile processing and increasingly eco-friendly technologies, it’s possible for bamboo to be transformed into as delicate yarn known as “viscose rayon”. This fabric is one of the softest in the world and often said to be on par with, if not better than, silk (as well as much more affordable!).

Why bamboo underwear?

The reasons for choosing bamboo underwear are endless. From its luxuriously-soft feel to its eco-friendly credentials, everyone needs a pair of Boody bamboo undies. Or even better, one for every day of the week!

These are some of the top reasons to choose bamboo underwear.

It's comfy

Light, silky-soft and gentle on the skin, bamboo fabric is the comfiest choice for undies. What else would you want from your underwear? Well, another benefit is that bamboo fabric makes the underwear thermoregulating – meaning it’ll feel cool in summer and cosy in winter. Plus, with its anti-static benefits, you can say no to clinging.

It's healthy

Another reason many people opt for bamboo when it comes to their undies is that it’s a healthier choice. Bamboo contains an antibacterial and antifungal bio-agent which also makes bamboo clothing odour-resistant. An essential when it comes to underwear! Bamboo fibres also contain micro-gaps which pull moisture away from the body, making it a moisture-wicking fabric.

It's sustainable

Last but in no way least, bamboo fabric is an environmentally-friendly choice. Meaning, you can slip your undies on without guilt – you’re doing your part for the planet. Grown organically and without artificial irrigation, bamboo is also the fastest-growing woody plant in the world. This makes it regenerating – more bamboo = more undies!

Is bamboo underwear breathable?

Is bamboo underwear breathable?

Most people are used to cotton undies and maybe they feel that they’re pretty breathable. Well, those people obviously haven’t given bamboo undies a whirl yet. Those handy micro-gaps we mentioned earlier that bamboo fibres contain – they help with this, too. By providing ventilation, bamboo underwear allows the skin to breathe.

Is bamboo underwear hypoallergenic?

Many people with sensitive skin struggle to find clothing that doesn’t cause allergic reactions – which is especially uncomfortable when it comes to underwear. Synthetic fabrics are terrible for sensitive skin and can lead to rashes and other serious skin conditions. The good news for allergy sufferers? Bamboo fabric is great for skin care as it’s particularly suitable for eczema sufferers and those with super sensitive skin.

How to wash bamboo underwear

As with all bamboo garments, washing bamboo underwear takes a bit of extra care. When it’s time to wash your bamboo undies, ensure to use a gentle cleaning cycle and use an eco-friendly detergent. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’ll be gentler for the fabric, too.

Stains that won’t budge? Pre-soak your bamboo underwear before you pop them in the washing machine. Just as you would any other piece of clothing, separate light and dark bamboo undies and wash separately.

Does bamboo underwear shrink?

We’ve all been there. Washed our favourite undies and ended up with a pair that would be a better fit for a toy doll. One of the best things about bamboo underwear is that it keeps its shape wash after wash and doesn’t shrink. Just make sure to follow the above washing instructions carefully and shrunken undies will be a thing of the past.

What bamboo underwear should I buy?

What bamboo underwear should I buy?

Now that you know why bamboo underwear is so essential, it’s time to figure out what bamboo undies you should invest in. Here’s our top picks:

For women

Classic bikini briefs: Every woman needs some classic bikini briefs crafted from organic bamboo in her top drawer. An underwear staple!

Full or mid briefs: When you’re after a little more coverage, opt for bamboo briefs in a full, midi or boyleg design.

G-string: Although maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, a bamboo g-string can be a practical choice for avoiding undie lines.

For men

Boxers: Comfy, durable and flattering – every man needs a pair of bamboo boxers in his underwear drawer.

Briefs: When it comes to men’s underwear, two things are paramount: fit and support. Bamboo briefs provide both of these with ease.

Trunks: Prefer a bit of length with your men’s undies? A pair of bamboo mid-length trunks is the perfect way to go.

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