An interview with Krystle Rose, founder of Face Alchemy

Krystle Rose

It’s no secret that the beauty industry has some dirty secrets. There are brands that use nasty chemicals, test on animals and do wrong by the environment. It’s enough to make us want to stop using beauty products altogether!

Luckily, though, there are many natural beauty brands out there that are doing exactly the opposite. Brands that keep the environment, animal and human welfare at the top of their minds with natural organic ingredients and ethical production methods.

Face Alchemy

Face Alchemy fully supports these brands and practises, by offering a thoughtful range of makeup and hair services for branding campaigns and weddings in Byron Bay and beyond.

Face Alchemy educates and inspires through clean and minimal beauty with ethical trade and sustainable practices at the top of their minds. And the mastermind behind this thoughtful company? Her name is Krystle Rose, a natural hair and makeup artist with a holistic vision.

Krystle has heaps of experience in high fashion and e-commerce in both Australia and internationally, however, somewhere along the way her focus shifted. Krystle found herself seeking more purpose and integrity within the beauty space.

Enter Face Alchemy.

We caught up with Krystle about her conscious company, her top beauty tips and how she lives an eco-friendly life.

Krystle Rose

Hey Krystle. Tell us about Face Alchemy.

Face Alchemy is all about clean beauty. Beauty with intention and integrity. We advocate for chemical-free skincare, makeup and body products as well as sustainable beauty techniques for the everyday woman.

What was it that initially inspired you to create Face Alchemy?

The idea that I could empower women with beauty, inspired me. As a makeup artist living and working in London and Sydney I came across a lot of women, and over the years I’ve really come to notice and be moved by the number of women who were uncertain and insecure around their makeup technique and styling. Not that every woman should wear makeup or be a professional, but knowing which products work best for them and how to apply those is incredibly empowering.

Krystle Rose

As a hair and makeup artist, what tips can you give us?

My biggest tip is skin prep. It’s a key step that is too often missed. Lush, hydrated, healthy, glowing skin is always a trend in my book.

My personal skin prep regime looks like:

- A thorough cleanse / exfoliation

- A spritz of my toner

- Then I apply a serum, eye gel, and moisturiser to seal it all in.

- I apply a lip balm and sometimes a beauty balm, too.

- I then use a luminating primer and a BB cream after that.

Also, I’m all about natural hair. A little spritz of an organic sea salt spray and a bit of texture is all we really need in the hair! Minimal is the key to life.

Krystle Rose

We hear you're also a Reiki Energy Worker. Can you tell us a little about that?

I’ve always been drawn to energy work and Reiki is a beautiful tool to use. The word Reiki means “rei (spiritual) “ki (vital energy) and it’s a healing practice that originates from Japan. I’ve completed Reiki II and at this stage, I am happy with this.

I love giving Reiki to my loved ones, it’s such a joy. I feel it's a beautiful tool that comes through all of my work too, even if I’m working on a shoot. I’d like to complete the Reiki Master Course one day, though!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I like to wake up early and go outside. It’s really important to get natural sunlight into the body and it makes me feel so good. I’ll then meditate for 20 minutes – I’ve been initiated into Vedic Meditation and that works very well for me! Next, I have a herbal tea – I love liquorice and cleanse teas.

Depending on my work schedule for the day, some days I could be on a shoot at 6am where most of this ritual is a push, but if it’s a later start, I love to move. I walk, do pilates or sometimes I’ll just stretch. I recently began a Yin Yoga teacher training course here in Byron. I don’t plan on teaching at this stage, it’s more for my own use, but also another tool.

After that, I begin my workday. I could be either working from my home in Bangalow, in meetings around Byron at different coffee shops or on a photo shoot.

Tell us about the Sustainable Makeover.

The Sustainable Makeover is a service designed to help women identify the best-fitting hair and makeup styles, ethical fashion and product choices for them. It’s a way to create sustainability in your beauty regime, your wardrobe and your everyday lifestyle by working with a professional to find either the best performing product or an incredible outfit or makeup look for each individual.

It’s a way to simplify yet have the very best of what you do need. At this stage, we only offer this 1-1 from Byron and Brisbane but there’s some talk about creating this service into an online course which I’m very excited about!

Face Alchemy

In what ways do you follow an eco-friendly life?

Well, I try my very best to keep things. I always fill jars up at bulk stores over buying a packaged product. I purchase from local farmers where the veggies are naked and we hardly use the rubbish bin at home. Most things go in the compost and recycling.

Also, I use super simple, clean body and household products where the greywater goes down the drain to avoid toxicity in our waterways.

I buy from people who care about creating a better world. I don’t buy fast fashion or anything else ever really. I shop at secondhand markets and I give away or on-sell my clothing or things I no longer have a use for.

I recently spent some time up in North Central Queensland at Camp Binbee, a community near Bowen close to the Galilee Basin. It’s the Blockade camp for the Frontline Action on Coal and the Stop Adani movement. What an eye-opening experience, looking down from the top of an open cut coal mine and learning about the impact of the mining industry and how much the fossil fuel industry contributes to carbon emissions.

The whole experience was so moving and inspiring. All these incredibly brave people from all walks of life protecting the earth. I cried when I left – it was the best thing I’ve ever done. I cannot wait to get back up there, especially now at this crucial time.

I now also drive an electric vehicle. I am a part of a social network here in Byron – connecting people to affordable electric vehicles. Once you go electric, you’ll never go back...

Krystle Rose

We understand you're a fan of Boody. What is it about our everyday essentials you love?

For me, it’s all about the comfort! The Boody designs are very well made and super supportive. I love the fabric, it’s like a hug. I wear them as often as I can.

Talk to us about your favourite Boody staples.

My faves are the Midi Brief, the Cami Bodysuit and also the Shaper Crop Bra (in Black and Blush) and also the socks (I need more)!

Women's underwear

Any exciting things on the horizon you'd like to share with us?

Yes. I am in the stages of creating a new blog to grow @KrystleRising. With my background as a makeup artist it will come from a place of beauty, but real beauty and in many forms.

Recently I’ve been asked to model for a few brands, labels I really like and believe in. I used to model in my early 20s sure, but I’m finding it a very liberating and nourishing experience to be approached as a size 12 woman in my early 30s.

I’m at a place where I am very happy with who I am, comfortable in my own skin, with my body shape and growing older. I feel so much support from local brands and communities. I’m really feeling the love. The blog will also advocate my passion for ethical fashion but also speak of relative environmental and important social/political topics and events that are happening in our society.

I can see a little twist of activism amongst it all but the vision is not yet complete. I just feel it’s such a crucial and exciting time to be alive. To be continued, perhaps!

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Ethical Clothing: Isle of Summer, Sahana Byron Bay, The Saint Helena
Photography by Raffaela Dice and Alex Callaghan

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