On the Road with Melody: Interview with a Fashion Photographer

On the Road with Melody: Interview with a Fashion Photographer

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

Here at Boody, we’re drawn to creative souls who push boundaries and carve out their own paths. We also have a deep love and appreciation for the land we are lucky enough to inhabit here in Australia.

This is why we were so excited to interview fashion photographer Melody Jasmine upon her return from our country’s beautiful Red Centre. The Byron Bay-based talent, who wore a range of Boody pieces on her trip, was keen to tell us all about the inspiration behind her photography, as well as how her exciting outback adventure went.

Following her own path

Melody Jasmine

We love your photography, Melody. Has it always been your passion?

Thank you! I started photography about three years ago now and it very quickly turned into a passion that I was able to work with. Before photography I had a clothing label for around 10 years – I started that from the ground up – making everything myself and selling at markets in the beginning. As it grew and became larger I realised it just wasn't for me at that stage of my life – having a two-year-old child running around my feet while trying to meticulously hand paint a custom ordered dress just wasn't ideal.

Switching to photography felt so natural as my favourite part of running my label was photographing the shoots. With everything being self-taught, I'm always learning and I still hesitate in labelling myself a photographer as my creative endeavours are always growing and changing, but yes, I do create campaigns and content shoots for many wonderful brands that I feel so grateful to be working with.

Who or what would you say has been or still is the biggest influence/s for your work?

For any of my creative projects, in general, I really try not to get caught up in following trends or looking too much into what is already out there and what others are doing. What feels best to me is to just isolate myself a little from that and just do and create what naturally comes.

I am so drawn to the female form. There are so many incredible women out there that don't see their beauty, or maybe we see their covered-up beauty and that becomes the 'norm' and our vision of 'what is beautiful.' But I really love to just strip it all back.

My favourite is to photograph women with no big plan, as natural as possible, whilst just genuinely hanging out with them, sharing stories and taking photos of them feeling themselves, almost like no one is watching or caring. This makes for the rawest and most beautiful images and this definitely inspires me the most to create more photography.

When Melody went Walkabout

You just got back from what looked like an incredible trip to Uluru. Can you tell us about that?

Yes, our trip to the outback – the beautiful Red Centre of Australia – was amazing. We went as a little family, my five-year-old son and partner, Santi. I didn't really have any expectations for what it would be like out there which was a good thing as any expectations would have quickly gone out the door.

We stayed in a campervan in local caravan parks at Yulara which is the closest place to stay to Uluru and we could sit at our camp and watch the sunset on the rock in the distance. We also went and stayed at Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park for a couple of nights. Kings Canyon is a stunning area with some very special walks – apparently, there is 100m high sandstone walls and views which stretch across the desert.

At times having a child in tow shaped our adventure for us – and this was one of those moments – early morning at Kings Canyon ready for a huge day of walking and a picnic, but with a child that only wanted to play down below in the dried up creek beds. It was still incredible being there but not what we drove four hours from Yulara for.

Probably the biggest highlight of the trip was hiring bicycles and cycling around the entire rim of Uluru – it took us three and a half hours and my boy and Santi were on a cute double bike. That was an amazing day. It is truly special out there and you can feel the energy of Mother Nature and all the stories that have been shared over so many thousand years.


Many Australians won't have even travelled to the Red Centre. Do you advise them to do the trip?

If it calls you, then yes. I think its a place to really immerse yourself in and ideal if you are seeking to visit to learn about the incredible cultural richness of our country and First Nations. To really soak up our nature’s beauty and spend some time bushwalking and having as many adventures as you can.

There really isn't much to do out there except everything revolving around nature, so just get into it! We spent hours in the cultural centre at Uluru; my son bought himself a spear and some other amazing handmade pieces. It was a really wonderful trip but I'd like to go again and make the drive out there, stay longer and do many more huge walks. I’d also like to camp in the national parks in-between trekking. It might be a better idea to do something like that without kids, though...

Fashion Photographer

What was your favourite thing to photograph while at Uluru?

Each other! I loved capturing my son covered in dirt, hurling his spear through the air, dingos coming up to watch him at our camp and the amazing landscapes, of course. The Olgas were particularly beautiful but so much better just to drop the camera to fully experience the moment without a lens guiding it.

On the Road with Melody

You’ve spoken about the fact you brought your beautiful son with you. Did he enjoy the experience?

He absolutely LOVED it, and that's an understatement. He played with a ton of kids in the campgrounds, didn't wear shoes the entire time, he was even barefoot riding the bike and walking around Uluru for the day. His beautiful spear he bought is proudly the most treasured item he owns and he was talking about the trip constantly when coming home. He's very much a nature’s child and a bush kid, so he's very comfortable in the surrounds out there.

Outfitting the journey

Outfitting the journey

You took some Boody garments with you on your trip. What did you take and why?

I wore the Long Sleeve Bodysuit constantly because it was absolutely freezing in the mornings and heated up a lot in the afternoon. This piece was perfect for layering; when the sun was shining hot I was able to peel the layers off and wear my bodysuit while soaking in the sunshine but still have nice warm long sleeves on.

The Full Briefs were just so practical to wear under everything and the long active leggings were amazing and warm to do walks in. Santi, my partner, wore the Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirts and oh my! I have never felt such soft fabric before – just so beautiful to wear, breathable and comfortable. He slept in them, too! Also, the jocks and socks were of course super practical.

We loved wearing Boody on our trip and knowing that your brand is based around eco-practices and uses organic fibres felt so good to us. Especially being on such a trip it's nice to know the clothing you are wearing isn't damaging to this beautiful environment that we admire so much.

Follow Melody's adventures on Instagram @ontheroadwithmelody for more inspiration. All photography by Melody Jasmine.

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