Boxing Day has never been this sweet (ft Loving Earth)!

Boxing Day has never been this sweet (ft Loving Earth)!

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Loving Earth to bring you the sweetest deals this Boxing Day!

Loving Earth is a beautiful Australian brand of high quality whole foods and superfoods that makes absolutely divine (and healthy!) raw chocolate products. At Boody we absolutely love their goodies but also the ethics behind them. They work with small producer communities around the world to provide healthy, sustainable and fair ingredients, which they use to handcraft a unique range of raw chocolate bars and superfood snacks.

This Boxing Day, we're sharing that goodness with you! Early birds will enjoy one of the brand's creation. That's right, the first 450 Boxing Day orders will receive a delicious and wholesome Loving Earth Chocolate Bar to devour and enjoy. So don't wait and shop the Boody Boxing Day Sale before it ends!

Keen to learn more? Read on! We've asked Loving Earth to reveal it all about their story and how they craft such mouth watering products and recipes.

Loving Earth Pocket 45s Range

Loving Earth NEW Pocket 45's Range

Q&A with Loving Earth

How did Loving Earth came to be?

The Loving Earth story began in 2007 when our founders Scott Fry and Martha Butler returned to Melbourne from Mexico, bringing with them a handful of traditional indigenous staple ingredients to create our very first chocolate bars. Their apartment was the HQ, with night shift at a local bakery the manufacturing site. The intention was to help preserve indigenous communities by supporting growers from around the world with fair trade, in a sustainable manner, by creating healthy products. We’re looking forward to celebrating our 10th birthday later on this year.

Pick three words to define what you’re all about

Conscious, authentic, and delicious. Although if we could have a fourth, we’d also say connected.

Harvest - Kemito Ene

Healthy, sustainable and fair. What's not to love about Loving Earth?

Quality is at the core of your products, tell us a bit more about how you source your ingredients:

Since day one, Loving Earth has worked with indigenous organic grower associations from all around the world. Sourcing only the highest-grade ingredients, we've endeavoured to make these foods available to our community in a way that honours both the indigenous people that have cultivated them for thousands of years as well as the earth and ecosystems in which they are grown. From Australia to Indonesia, from Mexico to Peru, our vision is to take the manufacturing of our products back to the indigenous communities who grow and process the raw materials.

Could you define what makes a great chocolate?

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and allowing them to shine. We work with raw ingredients to create a beautiful texture but in a way that showcases their natural flavours. Over-processing, roasting, and using heaps of sugar really takes away from the subtle beauty of the few ingredients needed to make a great chocolate, that’s why we leave all that out and focus on making high-grade, bean to bar, really raw chocolate.

A recipe to whip up this Easter?

Oh it has to be the DIY Easter Eggs

What are the latest creations by Loving Earth?
Do you have anything new in the pipes coming out soon?

We’ve just launched our Pocket 45’s, a brand new range of chocolate taking inspiration from classic flavour combinations. The new range is a remake of familiar favourites, including Banoffee Pie, Coffee, and Turkish Delight.

We wanted to put a playful twist on each flavour but have made them in our distinct way, using minimally processed, wholefood, organic ingredients. The eating experience is indulgent without compromising on ethics or health, and with fun names like; Banoffee Bang Bang, Salted Caramel Swayzee, Very Buck’n Berry, Coffee Ka-pow and Turkishly Delightful.

We also have something exciting coming next year, but you’ll have to watch this space!

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Where can our readers find your products? or from local, organic, and independent grocery stores.

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