An interview with Irene Falcone, Nourished Life Founder

An interview with Irene Falcone, Nourished Life Founder

Tell us a bit about what Nourished Life is and how it got started.

It feels like a lifetime ago now but when Nourished Life started, natural and sustainable products were far from mainstream. They were very hard to find and there was a growing niche of consumers really wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle (I was one of them). There was also a lot of confusion in the market on what really was actually natural and what was just “green washing”. I started Nourished Life to do three things; educate people on the differences and benefits of natural products, bring all the best products under the one roof and make natural the mainstream not the niche!

What are the main advantages of using toxin-free beauty products?

Supporting organic farming and sustainable manufacturing practices, plus beautiful glowing skin! Using plant oils instead of petrochemicals is probably one of the best things we can do for our skin health and environmental health.

What are some of the key things people might not realise about using products that include toxins?

Less toxins means less skin irritations, less harsh chemicals being absorbed into our bodies and less damaging nasties being added to our waterways and landfill.

How has Nourished Life grown since it started?

It started out as a natural beauty blog back in 2011 and has grown into a trusted, beauty and lifestyle one-stop shop with over 7000 products and hundreds of brands. We’ve also grown out our categories and stock so much more than natural skincare and makeup – we now have clothing, inner health, pet care, sexual health, home and so much more! The one thing we haven’t changed though is our strict brand vetting and ingredients policy, so while our brands and product breadth has grown, we’re still just as strict and that’s why our customers love and trust us so much.

We hear you're big Boody fans. What is it about our everyday essentials you love?

I love the feel, the comfort and the fact even though they feel sooooo good, they look super chic stylish. It’s the perfect mix of comfort and style (and sustainability!).

Any favourite products?

The underwear of course, I cant think of the last time I wore any other underwear brand! I also love the cami’s, bodysuit (so flattering) and downtime lounge pants.

Here at Boody, we're all about living an eco-friendly life. How important is this to you and Nourished Life?

This is extremely important to me personally and to Nourished Life – it is the backbone of everything we do personally and across the business. I think there’s an even bigger shift towards living more consciously now as well and people are becoming so much more aware of consumption and the environment. It’s also especially important for me to set the right example for my kids and ensure that they have a happy and healthy earth to live in when they have kids!

What ways can we all live a more sustainable lifestyle?

There are so many things we can do, but its all about mindset, being conscious of what we are consuming is always the first step. Always thinking before we make that purchase. And of course the best thing we can all do is buy less.

Tell us about your podcast, Talking Clean with Irene.

My podcast is an amazing opportunity to really go beyond the brands and the products and get to know the creators behind them. It is also such a wonderful resource of expert knowledge across all areas of natural and sustainable living. But watch this space! We are changing up the podcast and will be relaunching it early next year with some exciting new episodes and segments.

What are your plans for the near future? Anything exciting on the horizon?

We are definitely excited about our LIFE BASICS range and manufacturing more affordable, sustainable products. We have quite a few products in the pipeline so I’m so excited to share those with you really soon!

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