Introducing LYOLYTE™ | Our Lyocell Underwear Collection

Introducing LYOLYTE™ | Our Lyocell Underwear Collection

Introducing LYOLYTE™, our new underwear collection, made following the sustainable Lyocell process. Lyocell is a cellulose fiber traditionally made from eucalyptus trees or oak and birch trees. At Boody, we have developed our very own exclusive blend using our signature organically-grown bamboo. The range features 5 new styles and 4 new colours and is our lightest underwear yet.

We were so proud of our portmanteau that we added a trademark to it. LYOLYTE™ - Australia’s first bamboo lyocell underwear. LYOLYTE™ - the name of our new collection is derived from us blending the benefits of our new fabric and what makes it different; because a conscious ethos and supreme comfort go hand in hand. "Lyo" is for the sustainable Lyocell process used to create our new fabric. "Lyte" is to describe the lightness of the fabric.

What is the Lyocell process?

Lyocell is one of the most sustainable fabric processes on the planet. After the bamboo is harvested in FSC certified fields, the bamboo is cut into small pieces and ground into a pulp. This pulp is then dissolved by non toxic chemicals and what remains is a raw cellulose. At this stage of the process the raw cellulose is pushed through spinnerets and the bright white Lyocell fibres then emerge. These fibres are then spun into yarn which are eventually woven into fabric.

Why is it sustainable?

  1. Lyocell utilises a 'closed-loop' system where 99% of the non toxic solvent used is recycled.
  2. During the production process Lyocell also has the potential to use less than half as much water in production compared to cotton.
  3. It’s free from harmful chemicals and needs less energy to be produced.
  4. Like all our underwear, LYOLYTE™ is made using a seam free design process where the garment is spun together rather than cut from a fabric cloth meaning it does not create waste from offcuts.

So, why did we make LYOLYTE™?

At Boody, we are committed to building an honest and responsible business, and creating sustainable everyday basics that fit into your eco lifestyle and values. We put sustainable thinking at the center of everything we do. It inspires us to constantly innovate while keeping people and the planet top of mind. We’re always looking at what our community wants and after listening and reviewing, we decided we wanted to create a new underwear collection in a lighter fabric with still the same sustainable properties. This led us into exploring the lyocell process - crafting new styles and colours that give women a top drawer option that is a little bit more luxurious, oh so lightweight, yet still sustainable.

New colours and new styles! Let’s see!

Finer and lighter - this is underwear that cares about you and the planet.

We want to break new boundaries in sustainable clothing and encourage our community to rethink the materials you wear on your skin. It's time to wear something lyte on you, lyte on the planet.

Discover our 5 new styles, 4 new colours and 1 new fabric today.

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