How to Dress Your Baby For Winter

How to Dress Your Baby For Winter

How to dress a baby in winter in Australia is a common question asked by many new parents. Like us, our little ones need to be comfortably warm for a sound night’s sleep. However, it is finding the right balance of not too cold and not too hot that we’re going to help you with today. 

It is really important to first understand that babies can't regulate their temperature. By knowing this and dressing your baby mindfully will mean you are helping to regulate their temperature in the first few months of life. Did you know that a baby uses a lot of energy trying to keep themselves warm? When a baby is kept at their optimal temperature they are more likely to sleep longer, be more content and therefore put on more weight. Babies are more sensitive to changes in room temperature because they're so small and their bodies are still growing. The average body temperature of a baby ranges from 36.6°C to 37.2°C. 

Let's talk about winter dressing for babies

As the weather cools, baby winter clothes become essential. But where to start? Warm baby clothes are important, but avoid dressing your newborn in one thick piece of clothing and think layers! Dressing your newborn in layers means that the warmth becomes trapped. By layering baby winter clothes, you are helping to keep your  little one warm and effectively insulated. 

Introducing Boody baby

Your baby’s first wardrobe starts here. Boody Baby is an adorable collection of practical baby clothing essentials designed in Australia and made from organic bamboo. Perfect for play and sleep, the stretchy fit of our bamboo baby clothes is super soft on your baby’s delicate skin. Discover baby beanies, booties, warm baby blankets, bodysuits and more. All designed with zero waste and with your baby and the planet in mind.

Always wear a singlet 

Your little one should always wear a singlet throughout the winter months. Our Baby Sleeveless Bodysuit is designed with no sleeves and features snap buttons at the crotch for easy dressing and undressing. Finished with our signature trim and overlocked hem, our naturally breathable baby bodysuit is easy to wear and wash. The bodysuit ensures soft, breathable and thermoregulating certified organic bamboo sits firmly on their body keeping them warm, while the buttons ensure easy on-and-off. 

Keeping warm from the top to the bottom 

Dressing a baby for winter temperatures does require extra planning. It is important to pay extra attention to cold hands, faces, and feet. Your newborn will lose a good percentage of their body heat from the head. We recommend using baby winter clothes such as our Baby Beanie & Booties. Cosy enough to keep little heads and toes toasty thanks to our super soft, stretchy, breathable and thermoregulating jersey knit fabric. 

Layer upon layer 

It is important that your little one is wearing layers throughout the winter months. It is also important that legs and arms are covered. Mindfully made and crafted in breathable organically grown bamboo, our everyday essentials are soft, simple and sustainable. Organically grown bamboo is highly breathable and comfy, making it perfect for garments that sit close to the skin. Our layering options of warm baby clothes are naturally eco-friendly and are thermoregulating and hypoallergenic. For baby winter clothes in Australia, choose between our Baby Long Sleeve Onesie, Baby Long Sleeve Top and Baby Pull-on Pants

Why bamboo?

We design everyday essentials to last. That means we only invest in quality fabrics and we only design with simplicity and function in mind.

Silky Soft

Organically-grown bamboo is soft, like super soft. It will feel light and gentle on your skin.


Regulates to you - feel warm on winter days and cool when it's hot. Bamboo fibre is naturally breathable because of its structure.


A neutral charge prevents static build-up, preventing clinging.

 Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent which is retained through the process of fabrication and after washing. This property also makes Boody garments odour-resistant.


Particularly suitable for eczema sufferers and those with extra sensitive skin.

 Breathable & moisture-wicking

The structure of the bamboo fibres contains micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and evaporates moisture that causes bacteria to multiply.

UPF50+ sun protection

All Boody garments are made from a UPF50+ rated fabric that will protect you from ultraviolet (UV) damage.

Grown organically

No pesticides. No insecticides. No fertilisers. Bamboo is naturally organic and doesn’t require pesticides to enhance its growth.

Discover our Baby collection today. Looking to see our collection worn on very adorable little ones? Follow @boodybaby

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