10 tips to packing light and smart when travelling

10 tips to packing light and smart when travelling

Last updated: 19th February 2019

On the hunt for packing tips? Stress-free travel requires clever planning, starting with your luggage.

Having a thought-out travel checklist and packing smart avoids many problems for the happy traveller, including excess baggage fees, broken luggage, forgotten passports and lack of space for souvenirs.

Are you feeling eco-conscious at heart? That’s an extra reason to pack light and embrace a minimalistic lifestyle even when you’re on a simple weekend trip or a faraway adventure.

So, if you’re one of those people that finds themselves sitting on your bag to zip it shut, here’s the ultimate checklist to packing light, every time.

tips to packing light

1. Make a packing list

Arriving at your destination and realising you’ve forgotten something is a disastrous way to start a holiday. Creating a list as to what to pack for a trip ensures you don’t miss anything from your travel documents to your favourite pair of sneakers. It also ensures you don’t overpack. The Smarter Traveller’s Ultimate Packing list covers everything you might need for a holiday and is easy to tick off as you go.

make a list

2. Check the weather forecast

Don’t leave it to chance. Check the local weather or if you know someone that’s in the area of your destination, ask them what to pack. This allows you to plan ahead with the right seasonal attire and avoids you having to carry stuff around you don’t need.

3. Always take one warm piece

Even the ideal summer destination can get cooler at night. Packing a light jacket keeps you prepared for evenings or day trips inland where the temperature drops. Taking a jacket on the plane is also handy too.

4. Mix and match

Create a wardrobe capsule with neutrals and denim, so you can mix and match for different outings. The last thing you want to do is take an hour to choose an outfit when you could be out and about already. Prepare in advance and consider what you wear all the time. Take a few accessories to dress up casual wear for evenings.

5. Choose materials carefully

It’s not one of the first things we think of when travelling, but it makes a big difference when you don’t have to pay for excess baggage. Material choice is also important when it comes to daily wear because honestly, who wants to do laundry on their holiday?

Clothing made using natural fibre such as bamboo will help you pack light and smart.

Boody women's bamboo tee is thermo-regulating and perfect for layering.

Natural fibres like bamboo are naturally antibacterial, breathable and thermo-regulating. This means that they will keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. But it also means that you’ll get more wear out of it. And yes, it’s fine not to change clothes every day if they don’t stink and you take showers daily.

6. Learn to pack your clothes the smart way

Every person will tell you differently how you should pack clothes to maximise space. Our ultimate choice is the stack method, where you vertically stack your folded clothes next to each other to maximise storage space and avoid wrinkles. If you prefer to save extra space, then the rolling technique is for you! Folding your clothes like baby burritos is the best way to max the capacity of your suitcase.

7. Keep comfort top of mind

One thing you will be wearing every day is your undies, and there’s nothing worse — especially when travelling. Bamboo panties are feather-like and the ultimate choice for breathability. They’re so soft that they feel like wearing nothing at all. Whether you’re looking for men or women underwear, Boody has you covered, literally!

Boody Shaper Crop Bra offers wire-free comfort and doubles up as a sleep bra, perfect if you're travelling at night and everyday wear.

8. Shoes wisely

Pun intended friends! Choose only two pairs of shoes that are usually your go-to for comfort, because the last thing you want to do is walk around with nasty blisters. Ideally, take one pair for walking and one for going out. Choose nice sandals over high heels so you can wear them both day and night. Your feet will thank you for it later.

9. Always leave some free room in your luggage

Planning to do some shopping while you're away? Leave some space for those unexpected purchases and avoid paying the extra baggage fees. You don’t want your bag or suitcase to break either if it’s too full.

10. Don’t forget one or two reusable bags

Travel cubes are an ideal luggage companion and can be used for anything from dirty laundry, to travel documents and basic medicines or essential oils. Often, you’ll find that those pouches you get for free in gifts from shops do a great job too, which means you can essentially save yourself the expense of buying new ones!

So whether you’re laying by your villa pool in Bali or trekking the mountains of Nepal, packing light can avoid many problems. Shop Boody’s collection of everyday basics to get all of your clothing essentials for your upcoming travels.

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