10 things to do to prepare for baby

10 Tips to Prepare Baby's Arrival in Serenity

Last updated: 4th February 2019

We all know how exciting it is preparing for a baby to arrive. But of course, it can be exhausting and overwhelming too. If you’ve seen the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting, then you’ll know that everyone copes differently and there is no right or wrong.

But don't worry – we've got you covered on all the top things to do to prepare for baby.

To make your transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible, our newborn checklist has ten simple tips that apply to any expecting mum. From things to do before baby comes to how to prepare your home for when you return, we’re sure you’ll feel more relaxed after ticking this list off.

Things to do before baby arrives

1. Make sure baby’s room is ready

None of us like a disorganised bedroom and the same goes for your baby. Ensure you have enough bedding, sheets and a mattress protector. Do a test run with the baby monitor and safety check all electrical cords and smoke alarms in the room and house. Choose whether you’re going to go with biodegradable nappies or reusable ones and have a disposing system that’s efficient and eco-friendly.

2. Get the wheels moving

Train yourself up to be ready to use a stroller, baby car seat, baby carrier and baby wrap. It might feel silly at first, but will be less stressful when you do those quick trips to get your morning coffee or head to the shops.

3. Stock up on pantry staples

We can't stress enough how important it is to do a big grocery shop. You'll seriously thank yourself for this later. Or, if resting on the couch sounds more tempting, order online from your supermarket or your local grocer and get it delivered. Stock up on pantry staples and nutritional snacks you can easily grab or cook up when you feel hungry.

4. Ensure your baby’s wardrobe is ready

Make sure bub’s clothes are neatly organised and compartmentalised for quick and easy changes. Have plenty of soft and breathable base layers including baby singlets and bodysuits. Onesies are your best option to use as both pyjamas and for everyday wear, especially for the first few months. Our range of eco baby bamboo wear is thermo-regulating and hypoallergenic, so baby feels comfortable.

Wrapping baby will help your bub feel secure and fall asleep.

Swaddling baby in a stretchy wrap will help your bub feel secure and fall asleep faster.

During your stay at the hospital

5. Get loved ones to stock up

Ask Dad for a helpful hand by filling up the fridge and freezer for a week with fresh produce and lots of fruit and vegetables. You’re going to need as much nutritional energy as possible when you’re feeding and running on less sleep.

6. Get the house cleaned

Treat yourself to a cleaner or ask a super-helpful family member to come in and do a thorough house clean. From dusting and vacuuming to mopping and checking the nursery one last time, you'll sleep sounder knowing the house is tidy upon your return.

Things to do once you're home

7. Limit visits

Your phone will more than likely be beeping constantly with messages from family and friends who will want to visit. Send a message before the baby is born to all family and friends asking them to keep in mind the first few weeks will be busy and you will contact them when you’re ready for visits. If you have certain people that are extremely helpful and will want to cook and clean for you so you can spend more time with the baby, they’re the kind of people you will want around more often.

It’s also a good idea to spread out visits, set a timeframe and notify people before they come over. Kindly suggest something like "2 pm would be a great time to pop in before the baby goes to sleep at 3 pm". This way you’re not awkwardly asking people to leave.

8. Ask your friends and family for help

Some family and friends will want to dive straight in and help you – let them. Others will step back and wait for you to ask for their help, so don’t be afraid to speak up.

Anything from laundry, cooking, running to the shops, cleaning, looking after other siblings or simply just being there for you to have a chat. Remember, that’s what family and friends are for.

9. When baby sleeps, parents sleep too

Sleep is just as necessary for you and Dad as it is for the baby. Get the adequate rest you need so your bonding time is more special as a family. This is a handy excuse for when you need visitors to leave as well.

10. Plan a visit from a midwife

Book a visit from a midwife so they can assist you in the comfort and familiarity of your home. This enables you to ask any questions, have both you and bub checked up on for any medical symptoms and practise sleeping and eating techniques.

Bonus tips

When the baby cries, don’t panic. Adopt this quick checklist:

  • Is your baby hungry?
  • Is your baby’s nappy dirty?
  • Is your baby having tummy pains or diarrhoea?
  • Is your baby tired?
  • Does your baby need a hug?

Whether it’s your first or fourth time, follow your instincts and remember — you’ve got this. For any last minute super soft and eco-friendly baby clothes, shop our bamboo babywear collection.

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